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Desert Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery Decoration Policy



Cemetery Grounds (all sections)

  • Floral arrangements accompanying the casket or urn at the time of burial will be placed on the completed grave (except those in breakable containers). They will be removed when they become unsightly or when it becomes necessary to facilitate cemetery operation such as mowing, after about a week.

  • Flowers and containers: Fresh cut flowers may be placed in an approved vase on the gravesite at any time. Flowers must be in an approved or an unbreakable container no larger than the marker. Containers are to be placed on the marker not in the grass. Under no circumstance will items be tied, wired, glued, or otherwise attached to the marker. Permanent flower containers other than approved vases are not permitted and will be removed.

  • Artificial flowers: Artificial flowers will be permitted in authorized vases on the gravesite at any time. Memorial Day and other summer holiday (Mothers and Fathers days, 4th of July, Veterans Day) decorations will be left out one week before and one week after the holiday.

  • Christmas decorations, wreaths, grave blankets (no larger than three feet by five feet) etc., are permitted from Thanksgiving through February 1. Artificial decorations removed from the gravesites will be discarded 30 days after the pickup date.

  • Potted plants: Live potted plants will be permitted on the gravesite, provided they are placed on the marker not in the grass. Maintenance of potted plants belongs to the family or friend who placed such item on the gravesite. It is recommended that the family remove potted plants as soon as possible to minimize damage to the marker.

  • Unauthorized decorations: The following items are not permitted on the gravesite: Statues, permanent plantings, rocks, candles, breakable items (i.e., glass/ceramic vases), toys, stuffed animals, shepherd’s hooks or similar devices, other similar commemorative items, or items deemed inappropriate by the management.

  • Endowment care: Guidelines provided for grounds maintenance, cutting the grass and trimming around the markers and all areas of cemetery on a timely basis. This includes the removal and disposal of unauthorized grave decorations and artificial arrangements (except during periods specified above). Fresh cut floral arrangements can be removed from the gravesite and disposed of by cemetery personnel when they become withered, faded, or otherwise unsightly. Any decorations or floral items that have been displaced from the gravesites, due to wind or other factors out of cemetery control, will be removed from the grounds, held for 30 days and disposed of by cemetery personnel.

Mausoleum and Niches

  • All crypt and niche lettering will be installed by cemetery personnel to insure uniformity. On crypts and niches where vases and emblems are allowed only cemetery approved vases and emblems are permitted.

  • Fresh cut flowers and holiday arrangements are permitted but will be removed when withered and or after the holiday.

  • Floral arrangements (not in breakable containers) accompanying the casket or urn will be left for one week after the entombment or inurnment.

  • No permanent pots, planters, plant stands or vases are allowed on the floor of the mausoleum as they can create hazardous situations for the public.

  • Unauthorized decorations: The following items are not permitted in the mausoleum or niche areas: Statues, permanent plantings, candles, breakable items (i.e., glass/ceramic vases), balloons, toys, stuffed animals, other similar commemorative items or items deemed to be inappropriate by the management. Use of double stick tape or glues to attach items to the crypt or niche fronts is prohibited as they can permanently damage the shutters.

Irrigation equipment should not be changed. If sprinklers are not working correctly at your site, please let a grounds keeper or the office know so it can be corrected as soon as possible.

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